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We proudly introduce our newest edition...
Epic's Kiss My Grits ~ Dixie
Our Keeper from our
Logan x Heidi
Royals litter

Oklahoma Akita Breeder
Epic Akitas, Akita Puppy, Epic's Invictus, Oklahoma Akita Puppies

Family & couch potatoes first,
everything else is icing!


About us...

We have been owned and loved by Akitas since 2006, when Matt witnessed their love and loyalty first hand.  After doing extensive research, we decided to add an Akita to our family.  Our first Akita, Rocky, came from a show breeder and although we had no intentions of showing, the seed was planted.  A few years later, we gave into temptation and entered the show ring.  We haven't looked back since.

As we build our program, we strive to be ethical breeders and guardians of the breed.  In doing this, our goals are to do our best to contribute to this magnificent breed in health, temperament, conformation and loving companions.  All of our dogs have health screening, before breeding, and our puppies are only placed in, what we feel, are the best homes.

We are proud members of The Heart of Texas Akita Club and the Akita Club of America.

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